Not all videos are the same, but we treat them all equally.

Edmonton videographer

Effective video production is more than just capturing footage. It’s about conveying your unique message in a way that resonates with your target audience. At our video production company, we specialize in genuine storytelling that brings your vision to life.

We work with you to develop a solid idea that aligns with your brand values and objectives, and use our expertise to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging video content that connects with your audience. Whether you need a commercial video, a music video or even narrative or documentary filmmaking, our experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to help you effectively communicate your message and achieve your goals through the power of video storytelling.


This is where we meet. You tell us about your video production or photography project and all those amazing ideas. We then help you figure out what is the best way to approach this in order to fit within your budget and timeframes. By doing this we create a solid objective for us to reach.


Identifying your main objective will help us curate the idea that will best resonate with your audience and provide the desired results. We help you find out what are the best pressure points to focus on and how to communicate them in a way that best represents you and your brand.


Once we’ve established the concept for your production, we begin building the necessary foundation to bring your vision to life. Our team takes care of the coordination of the logistics required which may include developing scripts and story boards, casting, location scouting and permits, scheduling, etc.


With all the work done in the pre-production phase, we can begin putting our expert teams to work. With state of the art equipment and film gear, we will be able to bring the highest level of production and professionalism to your project, regardless of how big or small it may be.


After carefully collecting and backing up all the media captured for your video production, our expert editors will make sure everything from sound to color fits the mood, look and feel that you originally imagined for your project.


Many don’t know exactly what to do once they’ve received their finalized video production and simply post it on social media hoping it gets the attention it deserves. However, we specialize in helping you find and reach beyond your current audience, tapping into the feeds of others!


Video Editing & Color Grading

Edmonton videographer

We’re all about enhancing the quality of your video through our post-production services. Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge software and techniques to bring your vision to life. We focus on color grading, editing, and composing soundtracks, working with you to ensure your video conveys your message effectively. Our post-production services are designed to help your video captivate your audience


To make sure we turn your footage into the masterpiece you imagined, we have a very simple process. Initially we discuss with you and whoever else is involved in the production (director, cinematographer) what the final vision of the project is. From there we take your footage back to our studio and begin piecing together your video. Bringing out the raw potential of your video production is our main goal, and for this we keep a constant and open communication throughout the editing process.


Even the simplest projects benefit from the power of color correction and color grading. By creating a unique look for your video production, you ensure that you will captivate your audience. It will help you communicate and connect on a deeper level. Whether it’s a corporate video, music video, infomercial, documentary or any style and concept, our expert colorists will be able to create the perfect look for the purpose of your video production.


Capturing moments that tell a story

Edmonton videographer

We specialize in creating stunning images that tell your unique story. Whether it’s headshots for your professional profile, product photography for your business, or event photography that captures the essence of your special day, we have the skills and knowledge to bring your vision to life.

Our experienced team of photographers use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your photographs are of the highest quality and meet your specific needs and objectives.


The first step to capturing what you need is for us to discuss it. We’ll dive deep into what you require captured and figure out the best and most efficient way to make it a reality.


On shoot day we show up charged and ready to go. We’ll find the best angles and lighting to make sure your photos aren’t simply stills, but images that speak the message you’re trying to convey.


Once the images captured, we back them up and begin the editing process. This can be as simple as color correction or intense photoshopping. While we have our specific look and style, we can emulate whatever concept, mood or vibe you desire for your final look.


All the edited images will be prepped for delivery at the highest resolution possible for you to create an impact with every shot. You’ll receive a personalized gallery where you can choose your favorites for download or print.